About us


About us

The Anti Terror Academy is a team of top experts with 30 years experience in the special forces, training and operative deployment worldwide. The team of instructors consists of experts representing the individual fields of expertise in such a manner as to uphold the maximum level of professional training.

We are capable of providing training in the Czech, English, Russian and French language and others through proven interpreters.


About us

Anti Terror Academy was established by Miroslav Pasterčík, former member of the special force of the Police of the Czech Republic. From the beginning of its activities, the academy is conducting tough and uncompromising training, which must adequately respond to the ruthlessness and brutality of terrorist attacks.

“It is not possible to fairly fight against evil and it is also not possible to prepare the operators of special forces for light combat. That our region is not fraught with terror or brutality of attackers does not mean that this cannot change quickly. We must be ready for this. Cutting edge readiness”

ATAC training

Watch the official Anti terror academy training video.

ATAC founder

Miroslav Pasterčík

- Ex Czech Police Officer - Quick Response Unit of the City of Prague (Zásahová jednotka hl. m. Prahy)

- 2002 founded the Anti Terror Academy

- Expert in tactical procedures and operations of small units

- Provides services in security areas worldwide

- Specializes in high-risk operations

- For 6 years, he was a member of the Praesidium of the Czech Chamber of Detective Services

- Professional adviser in the film-making industry

- He is actively addressing security issues since 1990

- He created the SF-UCS

- He is a holder of many medals and awards from the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, Police of the Czech Republic, Army of Tajikistan, Malaysia, Oman and others.


Training videos

Take a look at the demonstrations of the individual types of training, which we offer at the Anti Terror Academy.

Anti terror academy

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