Close protection training

Comprehensive training programme for professionals who provide bodyguard services. Close protection includes a huge array of knowledge and skills, which we divide into several categories in terms of service categories. Hidden, open, HECPO, protocol or diplomatic part of protection.

  • Bodyguard
  • Laws and legal standards
  • Bodyguard psychology (profiling of the attacker, body language, physiognomy)
  • Ethics and treatment of VIPs
  • Bodyguard ethics protocol
  • Bodyguard’s equipment
  • Assessment and evaluation of risks
  • Intelligence information and information team
  • Planning of bodyguard operations – field reconnaissance
  • Evaluation of the operation
  • Selection of suitable equipment
  • Transfers and motorcade driving
  • Client protection methods (pair, team)
  • Use of special equipment – jamming, scanning, X-ray devices
  • Bodyguard’s tactical shooting (individual, pair, team)
  • Bodyguard’s training under stress – crisis simulation
  • Model training of personal protection in the city and in the field
  • Model training – real action
  • elf-defence – disarming, elimination of the attacker
  • Tactical protection procedures in crisis areas and war conflicts
  • Blocking of the attachers’ vehicles – crowding out
  • Penetration of roadblocks/barriers with a vehicle
  • Pyrotechnical inspections – detection and elimination of traps
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