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The Anti Terror Academy was founded in 2002 in connection with the wave of anti-terrorist measures, which were established after the attacks of 11/09/2001 in the USA. With the increasing frequency and aggressiveness of the terrorist attacks and increase in the number and impact of the terrorist groups, greater demands are being placed on the professional training of special forces.

The establishment of a training company, which provides professional training for the operators of the special forces and state armed forces was thus a logical step.

Successes of the Anti-terror Academy

Since establishment of the Anti Terror Academy, we have trained many professionals from Europe, Mediterranean and Far East as well as South-East Asia. The training was done in the Czech Republic or the client’s country with a minimum duration ranging from two weeks to two and half months. We have won many awards abroad and through our professional approach, we spread the good reputation and high level of the professional preparedness of the Czech Republic in the war against terrorism.

In the Czech Republic, the Anti Terror Academy provides training for the members of the Czech Police, riot units, Active reserves of the Czech Armed Forces, and last but not least, it has repeatedly participated in the training of the members of the Military Police who protect the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kabul, Afghanistan. For this cooperation, the Director of the Anti Terror Academy was awarded KAMBA Medal of the Military Police of the Army of the Czech Republic.

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