Sniper training

Czech snipers rank among the absolute peak worldwide and our instructors belong to this group of professionals who take the highest ranks in the competitions of police and army snipers. We provide top level training for police and army snipers.

  • History of snipers
  • The qualifications and selection of snipers (personality of the sniper)
  • Possibilities for deployment of a sniper
  • Ballistic basics
  • Factors that impact shooting precision
  • Measurement and estimate of the distance
  • Technical resources for the sniper
  • Shooting basics, techniques
  • Shooting at short distances with high precision (rescue of hostages)
  • Shooting at long distances
  • Shooting at an angle
  • Shooting at a moving target
  • Camouflage and observation
  • Movement in the field and scouting operations
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