If you want to succeed in combat, do likewise in training.

Training summary

The Anti Terror Academy is mainly a professional academy for state armed forces from all over the world.

We specialize particularly in the training of special forces, riot units, VIP protection, but we also provide training for standard national armed forces.

Due to the fact that each country has its own specific geopolitical position, customs, laws, climate, but also, for instance, town planning, we prepare the composition of the training itself on the basis of specific requirements.

We place great demands on the students, training complexity and a tough approach, which is a necessity for the training of modern day special forces.

Miroslav Pasterčík

„Being content with the current combat readiness is the first stop toward failure.“

We use our training system to create professionals.


Individual approach

Our system is based on the principle of handover of personal and real experience acquired during service in the forces within the Czech Republic, or operative deployment abroad. Every training session is professionally managed and each specialization has its own instructor. We are an Academy and for this reason, our students do an examination in a specific specialisation at the end of the professional training block, and for this reason the ATAC Certificate has its value.

One of the main advantages of ATAC is flexibility. Due to experience acquired in Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia and the Mediterranean and the Far-East, we are capable of quickly adapting to new training requirements. The instructors continue in self education and development.

For the state organizations, we prepare training on the basis of their specific needs, the laws of the given country, religious and cultural values. The adapt the training level to the capability of the unit to achieve the best progress among the students during training.

Anti terror academy

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