Anti riot training

Demonstrations, manifestations, mass unrest, football hooligan are extreme mass situations, where it is necessary to deploy a professional riot unit. We provide Anti riot training for units and instructor teams.

  • Anti Riot Theory
  • Structure of the Anti Riot Unit
  • Deployment of the Anti Riot Unit
  • Equipment of a Member of an Anti Riot Unit
  • Basic formation of a squad, platoon
  • Physical preparation
  • Firing training
  • Close combat
  • Anti Riot Squad Activity
  • Planning of intervention against demonstrators
  • Activities of hidden teams – agents
  • Individual structure and activity of the squad members
  • Anti Riot Commander and his activities
  • Basic position of the squad – offensive tactics, defensive tactics
  • Basic types of procedures – crowding out, defence, intervention, arrest
  • Cooperation with other squads
  • Getting into and out of a vehicle
  • Offensive and defensive squad, platoon action
  • Arrest of aggressive demonstrators
  • Theory and practice of intervention in buildings
  • crowding of demonstrators out of buildings
  • Use of tear-gas, batons, shotguns
  • Use of dogs, horses
  • Special technical resources and vehicles
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