Individual training

We also do individual training for members of the armed units, which is not included in the official service training, but which the individuals fund themselves. The minimum number of participants is 8, the maximum is not specified.

Within the scope of these professional blocks, we are capable of adapting all requirements to the content, duration and realisation date to the client’s enquiry. Due to the fact that we maximally favour the improvement of the level of the members of the armed forces during their leisure time, the price of this mode of training is adapted to the financial means of the members of the armed forces in the Czech Republic.

  • SF-UCS shooting training day/night
  • Tactical intervention methods – vehicle
  • Shooting from a vehicle at a vehicle
  • Shooting at the tyres of another vehicle
  • Tactical procedures in CQB buildings
  • Tactical procedures in means of transport
  • Tactical procedures for rescue of hostages
  • Tactical procedures for VIP protection teams
  • Shotguns – elimination of hinges and locks
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