Off-road training

The use of 4×4 vehicles in the armed forces is becoming a more common phenomenon and for this reason, we have also included the training of specialist drivers. Driving in mild but also especially rugged terrain, where it is necessary to exhibit clear knowledge and respect the laws of manoeuvring with a 4×4 vehicle and its marginal limits. In practice, you are ware of the operation of modern electronic systems (Terrain Response, Crawl Control, DAC, HAC, A-TRC, Multi-terrain design ABS, etc.), original or ARB differential locks and vehicle rescue using winches.

  • Increase of technical knowledge of 4×4 vehicles
  • Coping with marginal situations
  • steep uphill gradient
  • steep downhill driving
  • wading
  • driving in gorged tracks
  • running on uneven ground
  • lateral tilt
  • cross axles
  • rescue
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