Medic training

The turbulent development of modern society brings new threats and new requirements on the medical staff. If we shall not be able to prepare for these challenges during provision of emergency care, we cannot succeed in coping with them. The main objective of training is to prepare the individuals and teams to cope with the treatment of patients in a non-standard situation with a high risk to the health of the intervening person and the victim from a third party. Treat the patient under stress with minimum equipment, but relatively safely for both the victim and self. Act according to the protocols (algorithms) – prioritization of procedures. Reduce the mortal rate of the injured in emergency situations of type “active gunman”, etc.

Our instructors are professional medical doctors, paramedics and military hospitals.

  • Differentiate the stages of treatment from the tactical viewpoint (direct threat – under fire, indirect threat, tactical evacuation)
  • Perform simple triage of the injured with regard to specific circumstances
  • Sop massive bleeding with a tourniquet, haemostatic gauze, compressive bandages, functional tourniquet
  • Open the respiratory tract using the chin lift/jaw thrust manoeuvre
  • Open the respiratory tract using the nasal airway
  • Open the respiratory tract by cricothyrotomy
  • Identify suspected tension pneumothorax
  • Perform decompression puncture of tension pneumothorax
  • Treat open pneumothorax with a semi-pervious bandage (chest seal)
  • Adequately obstruct the volume of blood circulating in the bloodstream of the injured
  • Assess the basic neurological condition of the patient with focus on the identification of cranial trauma
  • Focus on the problems of analgesia in extraordinary situations (opiates contra
  • Intra nasal administration of medicines
  • Prevent progression of hypothermia in the injured person
  • Cautiously but quickly move the injured person from the Hot Zone
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